Our Horses



Tristan: 33 year old Thoroughbred

Tristan is a called a Rhone, because his hair is red and white. Tristan was named after the German Opera and love story of Tristan and Isolde. Tristan has a short lived racing career and started 43 times at Monmouth Park. I purchased Tristan when he was 8 years old. His body was broken down, but his spirit was shining bright. Tristan is a typical race horse he likes to move fast and is extremely sensitive to his environment. Tristan is considered a senior now, but even though he has tumors throughout his body and is riddled with arthritis, he still enjoys a nice walk with me in the woods. He has been an instrumental part of my life and continues to nourish my soul each day.






Thank You For Your Service



Davis: 17 year old Spotted Mountain Horse

Davis is considered a Spotted Mountain Horse because he has white on his legs that extend above the knee and white spots on his rump, jowl and belly. Davis was purchased by Dawn Heasley when he was 3 years old after a traumatic abusive event. This event has left Davis suffering with PTSD symptoms. Years of nurturing and healing have made Davis a wonderful, pleasing and lovable horse that just wants to give back. Davis has recently left Serenity Stables as of June 2019 and currently lives with his mom on a local farm in NJ.






FinnFinn: 26 year old Thoroughbred Horse

Finn was born to be a racehorse. He raced for six years and was then retrained to for the show arena. Finn became a successful hunter, jumper and even competed in dressage. He is currently retired and has recently moved to Pennsylvania. 






Teddy: 11 year old Gated Horse

Teddy, a Tennessee Walking Horse (Also known as a Gated Horse), came into service one year ago. He was the youngest of all the horses at the farm at only 10 years old. He is very affectionate and was a willing partner in equine therapy. He has recently left Serenity Stables and moved to Maine.







In Memoriam


Shack (his real name was Lightning Shack) is called a Paint because his hair appears as if paint was thrown on him. Shack was purchased by Anna Cruz when he was 4 years old.  Shack and Anna enjoyed many years of riding until the past few years when he became lame which caused severe pain in his feet. Shack had experienced a great deal of pain while his feet undergo a transformation. Shack had a very kind heart and loved attention. Anna and Shack spent time each morning together caring and loving on each other.




Ginger passed away on April 16th, 2018. She will be sorely missed. Ginger was an Applaloosa because her markings are spotted and mottled, and the white around her eyes. Appaloosa’s were a favorite among the Native American Indians because they are exceptional in battle and gentle enough to be cared for by children. Ginger was purchased by Toni Smith Winnes when she was 6 years old. Ginger was a loving and strong Mare, and she enjoyed kissing you and doing tricks to get a treat. Ginger loved taking long trail rides with Toni.


“Our beautiful princess has left us. Ginger our herd will never be the same without you. You did such an amazing job with our Veterans – kissing them on cue and allowing them to confidently lead you. You were Tristan’s girl and we are going to miss you so much!!! Thank you everyone for all your prayers. Ginger crossed over the rainbow last night. Please ask God to send his peaceful energy to her Mama Toni.
Sad day.”

~Owner Rene Stone, April 16th, 2018