Kyra Astrid Becker


Kyra Astrid Becker is a Board Certified clinical counselor, clinical supervisor and assistant director at the NJ Center for the Healing Arts the first integrative mental health centers in the country. Kyra joined them in 2000. Kyra’s expertise includes a deep understanding of the mind body connection. Prior to becoming a clinical counselor, Kyra was an exercise physiologist for 20 years. It is during this time that she discovered while working with the body that the mind and heart were of equal importance.

Kyra’s avid love of horses brought her skills to the world of equine assisted psychotherapy. She is currently working on her certification in Equine Therapy. Kyra is educated and trained in the humanistic, cognitive, behavioral, alternative and complimentary methods.

Since 9/11, Kyra has been working with the victims of those traumatic events. She looks forward to working with and collaborating with veterans.